Household and Bathroom Cleaning Products

Lasting Protection.
Easier Maintenance.
Improved Appearance.

Introducing Invisible Shield® Glass & Surface Coating, “For The Cleanest Shower”!

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  • 1 Application Lasts up to 1 Full Year on Shower Glass (Simple light wipes with cloth is recommended to maintain peak performance)
  • Repels water, soil & stains for easier cleaning
  • Preserves Glass & Wall Tile Indefinitely
  • Prevents Mineral & Soil build-up
  • Saves Time, Labor & Chemicals

Only Invisible Shield provides a lasting, Nano Scale Protective Finish that seals & protects all glass, porcelain & ceramic surfaces.

Imagine, glass showers, sinks, counters & tile that are as “easy to clean” as Non-Stick cookware.


2 Invisible Shield Glass & Surface Coating bottles (7 fl. oz.)

2 Water Spot & Stain Remover Packets ( 2 fl oz)

2 Quality Microfiber Polishing Cloths

Household and Bathroom Cleaning Products

Household and Bathroom Cleaning Products


Invisible Shield can protect: Glass Showers, Enclosures, Sinks, Tubs, Tile, Faucets, Counters, Toilets, & Mirrors in the Bathroom to Windows, Mirrors, Glass Pictures, Glass Doors, Glass Tables & Furniture, Tile & Granite Counters, Cooktops & other Appliances in the Kitchen to Patio Furniture, Cars, Boats, RV’s & Motor Homes.


Household and Bathroom Cleaning Products

It is unmatched in terms of ease of application, stability, shelf-life and cost per square foot. Invisible Shield resists soiling, staining, weathering, fine scratches, etching, water spots and mineral build-up. It makes periodic cleaning & maintenance of glass easier and less costly.

The Invisible Shield benefits:

  • Protects Glass Against Wear, Stains, Etching & Fine Scratches
  • Repels Water, Soil, Stains & Hard Minerals
  • Makes Cleaning Much Faster, Easier & Efficient
  • Eliminates Harsh Chemicals & Abrasives
  • Saves Work, Damage & Replacements
  • Easily Applied, Maintained & Renewed
  • Restores & Improves Appearance
  • UV, Chemical, Abrasion & Acid Rain Resistant

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Surface Has Never Been So Easy.

What’s everyone saying about Invisible Shield? They LOVE it!!

Really works to keep shower glass free of hard water stains. And it is fantastic to reduce the job of washing windows! It was a real labor saver when I lived in Santa Fe where dust was forever clouding the windows and hard rain water etched permanent spots on windows.
A great product. We put in a new master bath 10 years ago.Before using the shower I applied this product.
One or two times each year I clean the glass WELL and reapply. My shower glass looks just like the day it was installed.
C. Goodman
Wowie, this stuff WORKS like it says. Smooths out my sinks, mirrors, etc like crazy, so they are super slippery-smooth and way, way easier to keep clean. This product is worth every penny.

Ideal for use inside and outside.
Protect your surfaces from months to years.

Free of harsh chemicals and abrasives.