Cleaning Made Easy with
Clean-X Invisible Shield®, Eliminate® & Repel® Products

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Why Use Barrier-Coating Technology?

CleanX Glass BeforeCleanX Glass After
Stained/Soiled Surface Clean, Protected Surface after 1 Month
Woman Invisible Shield treated vs. untreated

Protected Against Soil & Grime Buildup

  • Durable Nano-Protective Technologies
  • Repels Water, Soil & Stains
  • Protects Surfaces for Easier Cleaning
  • Prevents Minerals, Soap Scum & Buildup
  • Keeps Surfaces Brighter & Cleaner
  • Keeps Surfaces Sanitary
  • Cuts Cleaning in Half & Ends Need to Scrub
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals
Simultaneously Clean & Protect Glass and Most Other Surfaces
Cut Cleaning Time & Improve Overall Surface Appearance
Repel Example - Granite & Quartz

Granite & Quartz

Repel Example - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Repel Example - Glass


Repel Example - Glass





Cleaning with Invisible Shield® Products is safe, simple, and stress-free.

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Our Story

Made in the USA by Unelko Corporation, A Clean-X Family. With a heritage spanning over 40 years, the Clean-X Family has been at the forefront of advanced surface care technology. It all started with the groundbreaking invention of The Original RAIN-X® Protective Windshield Treatment, dedicated to enhancing visibility and driving safety.

Now, their Invisible Shield® Products are powered by barrier coating technology which ensures ultimate protection against water, soil, and stains to promote a cleaner surface. Trusted by professionals, consumers, and busy moms alike, Invisible Shield eliminates the need for rigorous scrubbing and harsh chemicals, effectively cutting cleaning time in half.

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