The Clean-X® Story: It’s safe, easy & convenient with Clean-X Household and Bathroom Invisible Shield® Products.

Unelko - Household Cleaning Products Family

Unelko has been the leader in advanced surface care technology for over 40 years and has continued to pioneer surface protection. Unelko’s, Invisible Shield® patented surface care products enhance the performance and appearance of a broad range of surfaces within your household. By using these products, ordinary surfaces are transformed into high performance water, soil and stain repellent surfaces.

Shielding Surfaces Instantly

Why Use Invisible Shield Products?

Important Surface Care Benefits:

Why Protect Your Surfaces?

Protecting your surface from soil and stains makes cleaning easier and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives that can damage the surface. By protecting the surface, you are protecting your investment – whether it be your granite counter top, glass shower enclosure or the beautiful fixtures it took so long to pick out. A clean and protected surface that repels water, soil and stains keeps your home looking bright and beautiful. It extends the life of the surface by protecting it from dulling, soiling, staining, scratching and pitting and keeps your surfaces looking like new.



Clean: Clean-X® offers a variety of cleaners that deep clean the surface & remove soil, stains, calcium and minerals.



Protect: Clean-X® advanced nano-shield protectants shield against water, soil & stains with a lasting protective barrier.



Maintain: Clean-X® offers products for easier maintenance that clean and renew the protection and brilliant appearance.

Customer Reviews

“It is a pleasure working with Unelko. We have always had fair and honest dealings with your company.”
– Abu Dhabi, UAE

Green Cleaning

With a consummate commitment to user safety and the environment, Unelko adheres to the highest standards to develop…

Cleaning Tips

The buildup of limescale, mineral deposits and stains on hard surfaces typically results from the evaporation of water and soil…


Q: How do many of UNELKO’s products Clean & Shield in 1 Step? A: An invisible super- hydrophobic (nano-shield) water, soil…

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