Green Bathroom and Household Cleaners and Protectants

Today, whether you are looking to Clean, Protect & Maintain glass, ceramic tile, granite, marble or even stainless steel, our “nano-shield” barrier products are unmatched in multi-functional performance and value. Because of our ongoing research and development to quality & innovation, Clean-X continues to be the world leader in advanced surface care technologies! We brought products to a generation of people who value the ease of cleaning, want to completely eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and save on time & labor!




The Invisible Shield - Glass Surface Cleaner

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Glass & Surface Cleaner

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New, INVISIBLE SHIELD® Glass & Surface Cleaner, makes cleaning glass and mirrors virtually effortless and self-cleaning.
Cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine and simultaneously provides the surface with a water and soil repellent coating that automatically renews with each cleaning.

The Invisible Shield - Surface Coating

Invisible Shield® Protective 10oz

Glass & Surface Coating

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The INVISIBLE SHIELD® Protective Glass & Surface Coating repels dirt, soap scum & hard water minerals on contact. It makes cleaning around the house remarkably easier! For use on Showers, Baths, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, Toilets, Polycarbonates, Formica, Fiberglass, Chrome Appliances & More.

The Invisible Shield - Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® 10oz

Water Spot & Stain Remover

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The INVISIBLE SHIELD® Water Spot & Stain Remover is a mildly, abrasive cream cleanser that removes tough stains & minerals from glass, porcelain & ceramics. It is safe, effective, easy to use and will not scratch. For use on: Showers, Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Tile, & More.

The Invisible Shield - Limescale & Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Limescale & Stain Remover

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Invisible Shield® Limescale & Stain Remover is the Ultimate in Scale & Soap Scum Removal. It removes tough stains & minerals in minutes. It’s safe, effective & easy to use. Perfect for Showers, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, & Countertops. Safe on aluminum, chrome, fiberglass & acrylic surfaces. Application: Just Spray, Let Sit (depending upon soil) & Wipe Dry!

The Invisible Shield - Protector

Invisible Shield®

Shower, Tub & Tile Protector

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Invisible Shield® Shower Tub & Tile Protector w/ BONUS product for all glass, porcelain & ceramics. Ends Scrubbing & Improves Surface Appearance! Includes 8 oz, Invisible Shield Protective Glass & Surface Coating, 4 oz “sample” Glass & Surface Cleaner w/ special microfiber towel & reusable pouch

The Invisible Shield - Multi-Surface

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Multi-Surface Cleaner

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INVISIBLE SHIELD® Multi-Surface cleans with the power of hydrogen peroxide, creates a soil- and stain-resistant barrier on which odor-causing bacteria, mold & mildew can’t grow while leaving a fresh fragrance, all with the convenience of a trigger spray.

The Invisible Shield - Marble & Granite Cleaner

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Marble & Granite Cleaner

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INVISIBLE SHIELD® Marble & Granite is a dual-action formula that both cleans and simultaneously polishes/protects marble, granite, travertine, limestone, Corian® and other synthetic stone surfaces with the convenience of a trigger spray.

The Invisible Shield - Stainless Shine

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Stainless Shine

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INVISIBLE SHIELD® Stainless Shine is a dual-action formula that both cleans and simultaneously polishes stainless steel surfaces with the convenience of a trigger spray.

Eliminate Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner


Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner

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CLEANS everyday dirt, grime, scale, calcium, hard water spots, soap scum & body oils on showers, bathtubs, tile and sinks. EFFECTIVE on glass, fiberglass, clear plastics, ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome, porcelain and cultured marble surfaces. (25 oz)

Clean-X - Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer


Grout Cleaner & Sealer

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CLEANS tile & grout safely and effectively without bleach. Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer can be used on showers, sinks, tubs, tile and more and prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria mold & mildew stains. (25 oz)

Why Use Invisible Shield Products?

Important Surface Care Benefits: