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Clean-X Invisible Shield®, Eliminate® and Repel® Household Products are safe, convenient and easy to use. The Clean-X Family has been a leader in advanced surface care technology for over 40 years, beginning with our first invention of The Original RAIN-X®, “For Improved Visibility & Driving Safety.”  Clean-X Products clean & protect household surfaces with a durable protective barrier that shields against water, soil and stains for a cleaner surface and extended life.  Professionals, consumers and moms alike know, by using these products, they eliminate scrubbing and the need for harsh chemicals while cutting cleaning time!  We continue to pioneer surface protection and innovative products to make cleaning easier and keep surfaces “Like New”.

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The Invisible Shield - Glass Surface Cleaner

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Glass & Surface Cleaner

New, INVISIBLE SHIELD® Glass & Surface Cleaner, makes cleaning glass and mirrors virtually effortless and self-cleaning. Cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine and simultaneously provides the surface with a water and soil repellent coating that automatically renews with each cleaning.

The Invisible Shield - Surface Coating

Invisible Shield® 10oz

Protective Glass & Surface Coating

The INVISIBLE SHIELD® Protective Glass & Surface Coating repels dirt, soap scum & hard water minerals on contact. It makes cleaning around the house remarkably easier! For use on Showers, Baths, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, Toilets, Polycarbonates, Formica, Fiberglass, Chrome Appliances & More.

The Invisible Shield - Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® 10oz

Water Spot & Stain Remover

The INVISIBLE SHIELD® Water Spot & Stain Remover is a mildly, abrasive cream cleanser that removes tough stains & minerals from glass, porcelain & ceramics. It is safe, effective, easy to use and will not scratch. For use on: Showers, Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Tile, & More.

The Invisible Shield - Limescale & Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Limescale & Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® Limescale & Stain Remover is the Ultimate in Scale & Soap Scum Removal. It removes tough stains & minerals in minutes. It’s safe, effective & easy to use. Perfect for Showers, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, & Countertops. Safe on aluminum, chrome, fiberglass & acrylic surfaces. Application: Just Spray, Let Sit (depending upon soil) & Wipe Dry!

The Invisible Shield - Multi-Surface

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Multi-Surface Cleaner

INVISIBLE SHIELD® Multi-Surface cleans with the power of hydrogen peroxide, creates a soil- and stain-resistant barrier on which odor-causing bacteria, mold & mildew can’t grow while leaving a fresh fragrance, all with the convenience of a trigger spray.

The Invisible Shield - Marble & Granite Cleaner

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Marble & Granite Cleaner

INVISIBLE SHIELD® Marble & Granite is a dual-action formula that both cleans and simultaneously polishes/protects marble, granite, travertine, limestone, Corian® and other synthetic stone surfaces with the convenience of a trigger spray.

The Invisible Shield - Stainless Shine

Invisible Shield® 25oz

Stainless Shine

INVISIBLE SHIELD® Stainless Shine is a dual-action formula that both cleans and simultaneously polishes stainless steel surfaces with the convenience of a trigger spray.

Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner + Repellent

Repel® 25oz

Glass & Surface Cleaner

Cleans to a streak-free shine with a dual action formula that repels water, soil, grime and fingerprints with proven nanotechnology. Keeps glass & other hard surfaces “looking new” and shiny. Perfect for windows, shower glass, mirrors, wall tile, bath surrounds, acrylic, even chrome fixtures (safe on all hard surfaces).

Eliminate Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner

Eliminate® 25oz

Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner

CLEANS everyday dirt, grime, scale, calcium, hard water spots, soap scum & body oils on showers, bathtubs, tile and sinks. EFFECTIVE on glass, fiberglass, clear plastics, ceramics, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome, porcelain and cultured marble surfaces.

Clean-X - Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer

Eliminate® 25oz

Grout Cleaner & Sealer

CLEANS tile & grout safely and effectively without bleach. Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer can be used on showers, sinks, tubs, tile and more and prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria mold & mildew stains.

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