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Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner + Repellent


Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner + Repellent

The Repel is a multi-functional product that cleans, protects and maintains all glass and other surfaces such as stainless steel, metals, stone, acrylic and more. It is totally streak-free and applies a protective barrier to the surface to make cleaning easier, and brighten the surface. It also reduces the build up on glass and other surfaces, preventing soap scum, minerals, dirt and grime from sticking to the surface. Best uses are for shower glass, mirrors, stainless, acrylic and marble/ granite. (32oz each – 2 pack)

Sani-Scrub Multi Surface Cleanser & Stain Remover


Multi Surface Cleanser & Stain Remover

Advanced Stain Remover that cleans & shines sinks, counters, tubs, showers, tile, toilets, floors & more. Removes tough soil and stains without scratching or dulling the surface. Great in kitchens and baths. Outperforms other brands as it’s more effective in removing tough stains, soap scum, minerals and more. Leaves no residue behind and renews the surface. (24oz each – 2 pack)

Invisible Shield Glass & Shower Coating + Repellent Spray with value polisher pad

Invisible Shield®

Glass & Shower Coating + Repellent with Polisher Pad

The Invisible Shield is trusted by professional shower door manufacturers across the country to protect and seal glass from hard water spots, soap scum and stains. Includes 2 bonus Polishing Applicators with Handles. Once protected, a simple wipe is all you need. It cuts cleaning time in half and the protective coating lasts from months to years, and repels water, soil and stains so you never need to squeegee again or use harsh chemicals to scrub. For all glass, porcelain and ceramics. (16oz each – 2 pack)

Why Use Invisible Shield Products?

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