5 Tech Tips to Get the Most Out Of Invisible Shield

Many homes are sure to have glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces throughout the space. And while these surfaces lend an air of elegance and sophistication, to the property, it can be quite a challenge to keep them looking pristine, blemish-free, and just like new.

Of course, homeowners need not pour several hours of each day into cleaning or washing these surfaces to achieve the desired look. The whole process can be made simpler as long as the correct product is used to bring out the brilliance of glass surfaces.

Once such product you can count on to yield the best results is the original Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Treatment from Unelko Corporation.

What Is It?

Invisible Shield is an ultra-thin polymer coating designed specifically to be applied to glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces like a polish.

The product works to seal, polish and protect the surface with a non-stick barrier coating. This coating prevents the buildup and adhesion of things that can cause the surface to look dirty and dull: soap scum, hard water minerals, rust, salt spray, grime, and dirt.

When you apply Invisible Shield to a surface, you won’t have to use soaps, solvents or abrasives that can be harmful to the surface — just wash, rinse or wipe the glass, and it’ll look as good as new. The chemically bonded polymers see to it that the surface remains durable, water- and soil-repellent, and optically clear.

Want to see the excellent results for yourself? Then follow these 5 tech tips to get the most out of Invisible Shield:

1. Know the kinds of surfaces that are compatible with the product.
Invisible Shield is specifically formulated for all types of glass as well as porcelain and ceramics that are glass-coated.

2. Prepare the surface
Preparing your glass, ceramic or porcelain surface is as simple as washing, rinsing and drying it and then applying Invisible Shield.

Take note, however, that the product is not meant to repair surfaces that are chipped cracked or scratched, although applying Invisible Shield to these (after proper preparation) can help prevent further deterioration.

3. Apply it properly
Add a small amount of Invisible Shield to a soft, padded cloth and proceed to wipe it carefully onto the surface using a firm, overlapping circular motion. If the surface is being treated with Invisible Shield for the first time, or if it is significantly worn, then re-treating it is necessary to ensure uniform and complete coverage.

Afterwards, just polish the surface with another soft, clean cloth to remove excess product and to bring out the surface’s luster.

4. Take good care of the treated surface
Sprinkling a little water onto the surface and wiping it dry with a clean cloth is all it takes to keep the surface sparkling. If some dirt has settled, just a light soap-water solution or mild detergent will do the trick. There is no hard, persistent scrubbing or scraping necessary.

5. Pay close attention to the surface to determine if it’s time for reapplication.
Over time, Invisible Shield will gradually wear down. You’ll know this if water stops beading on the surface, when stains begin to show, when dirt begins to stick, and when the surface generally has a duller appearance. Just repeat the application process and the surface will look as clean and polished as ever.

When you follow these tech tips, you can be sure that your glass tabletops, mirrors, windows, lighting fixtures, showers, tubs, sinks and tiles will maintain their beautiful appearance and stellar performance for months, and even years. Let Invisible Shield work its magic on your home today.

Published On: April 5th, 2016

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