Clean Your Oven Before The Holiday Baking Season: How To Do It In Only Minutes

What’s better than freshly baked Christmas cookies, a holiday pie or the Thanksgiving Day turkey that’s been roasting for 12 hours? If you’re a fan of the holiday season, not much beats these delectable holiday tastes and we’re willing to bet that your mouth is watering right now just thinking about them! Unfortunately, before mom can start sliding in racks of cookies to be baked or prep the bird for its daylong roasting, the oven is going to need a thorough cleaning.

If you’ve been shoulder deep in your oven before, scrubbing incessantly with generic kitchen cleaners and a steel wool brush, we’ve come to say that you’ve been doing it wrong all of these years! There’s an easy way when you protect your surfaces with Clean-X® Work Saving Products. Its unique barrier technology will prevent future stains and baked on residues. If necessary, to clean and remove drippings, we recommend our Miracle Scrub Surface Cleanser. When clean and dry, use Clean Shield Glass & Surface Polish to protect and make next-time food spills non-stick.

A Sparkling Oven For The Holidays

To start, make sure you remove all racks from your oven—apply Miracle Scrub onto a damp cellulose sponge and massage soiled surface with a firm, overlapping motion – targeting food spills and burnt on scum. Remember to rinse off excess before drying.

After you’ve gotten rid of the stains, polish your oven with the Clean Shield. The cream will give it a shinny polish and also shield your oven with a non-stick barrier that makes future food spills easier to wipe up. That’s the key ingredient for a clean oven during the holidays. Once you apply Clean Shield the first time, you can clean your oven again in just minutes with only a few wipes.

What’s better than ringing in the holiday season with a freshly cleaned oven? How about a freshly cleaned bathroom too! The best part about the Miracle Scrub is that after cleaning your oven, you can use it to remove soap scum and mineral stains in your showers and bathtubs. Clean your toughest household surfaces with just one bottle. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Published On: December 19th, 2014

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