Congratulations & A Big Thank You to All Who Wrote in Testimonials!

We at Unelko Corporation value and appreciate the time that you took to evaluate our Clean-X® products and comment on them.  Here are just a few of the many wonderful things that were said about our advanced specialty cleaners & protectants…

“A huge thanks to the Unelko Team for offering products that make cleaning and shining our home a joy. My wife loves your Clean-X products for keeping her farm sink and granite countertops sparking and beautiful. We are huge fans.” – Roger & Linda Wells

“Our first experience was with Stainless Shine and how well it cleans stainless steel sinks and kitchen equipment and the way it made re-cleaning easier. Next we used Sani-Scrub. It really cuts through tough stains including caked-on water stains. Sani-Shield is a great general cleaner and like the other products makes re-cleaning easier. Lotus Glass Cleaner is a fantastic glass cleaner!” – Ron, Vacuum Doctor

“Several years ago we replaced our bathroom vanities. Once I received & used the Eliminate, Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner, I felt the product was far superior to anything else I had ever used. (A lot of cleaning years go behind that statement). I now use Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner for my windows.  The last time I cleaned my windows I took a picture inside looking out and sent to my sister-in-law who had asked me what I used to clean my windows. What she was using only left streaks. My answer was a squeegee and Repel are all you need. She was so impressed. Literally you could not tell you were looking through a window.” – Cathy Katz

“Just a short note to let you all know how much we like of your products, especially Eliminate Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner. My mother was the one who introduced me to Eliminate many years ago. She use to give me her testimonial in regards to its effectiveness and so I began using it.  I am now a General Contractor who does many bathroom remodels each year. On our final day of each job I leave a bottle of Eliminate with them and explain the ease of use. I now buy it by the case and many of those past clients ask for refills. Don’t change a thing, it works great! We like the grout cleaner/sealer too.”  -Dave Gillem, Laguna Builders

“I have been using Invisible Shield for some time now and would recommend this product.  It is very easy to apply, lasts a very long time, and makes cleaning the bath, kitchen, and my boat hull a breeze.  Yes, I use it on my boat hull to minimize the scum that collects on the hull.”  -Gil Selke

“I probably use Clean Shield Cream in a way that is very different than most customers.  I actually use it to coat/seal sandblasted glass artwork.  A thin layer of Clean Shield applied over a freshly sandblasted surface seals the surface and resists unsightly fingerprints and dirt, leaving the artwork with a  nice looking satin surface that is easy to clean.” – Nathan Sandberg

“We were turned onto your products by Palo Verde Glass who installed our huge shower doors in the bathroom & we swear by it.  I just had a knee replacement and before I went to get my knee done I cleaned everything that I could with the Invisible Shield & Eliminate Grout Cleaner & Sealer, so my wife wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning until I could move around again.   It has been the best thing we have discovered, so please don’t stop making it!  We installed our shower doors in 2005 and they still look brand new!  I use Invisible Shield every couple of months to clean & protect my glass, grout & tile walls…Your products make life easy, so thanks for that!” – Thomas Figueroa

Published On: February 25th, 2015

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