Glass Shield Protective Coating and Repellent

Glass Shield®:
New, Nanotech Protective Coating & Repellent

From the Inventors of the Original Rain-X®

Best Performance & Value!

Reduces unsightly scratches, chips & pitting! Helps prevent windshield replacements.

Why Use Glass Shield® Protective Coating & Repellent?

Cleaner Glass
& Like New
Repels Rain, Frost, Snow/Ice, Salt, Bugs & Grime
Increases Scratch and Chip Resistance over 90%
Improves Visibility
& Appearance

What’s everyone saying about Glass Shield® Protective Coating & Repellent?

Works as advertised. Rain beads up and rolls up the windshield when driving. Keeps windshield view clear in between windshield wiper cycle.
Mark B.

Incredible coating. Saw improvement in the chips not penetrating the windshield. Another plus is that this more concentrated than other repellents, so you can use less to do the same or slightly better job on the windshield.

Jeanette Zetah

My husband swears by this windshield rain repellent. Used it for years and won’t buy any other brand!


This stuff is the greatest repellent for windows & other glass.  Awesome product!


A New Breed of Surface Protection/Coating Technology

Recommended by top glass manufacturers, Unelko’s Glass Shield® makes rain, sleet & snow “bead” into small droplets, which are removed by aerodynamic wind flow for improved visibility, safety & driving comfort.  It also reduces the adhesion & buildup of frost, snow, ice, salt, mud, bugs & grime for easy removal. Nano-tech coated glass is 23% more resistant to wear.

Vehicular / Automotive Glass UnprotectedVehicular / Automotive Glass Protected



Clean exterior windshields, side & rear windows, mirrors and lights.



Protects against rain, sleet & snow for improved visibility, reduces buildup for easy removal, and increases scratch & chip resistance up to 92.9%.



Offers easier maintenance with its protective coating & repellent – best performance and value.

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