How Long Do Glass Coatings Last?

Do you get impressed by permanent soil-free glass surfaces? Are you excited by glass coatings that are non-wearing as well as water-, soil-, and stain-repellent? Well, tone down your enthusiasm because the bitter reality is that they simply don’t exist. Apparently, there are some manufacturers of these products that are given to exaggerations with their unproven durability claims.

Giving It to You Straight

How long do glass coatings last? It depends on whether you want to hear scientific, proven facts or a pretty fairy tale. What if a manufacturer were to tell you that all water- and soil-repellent glass coatings are only as durable as their underlying surface and that their lifespan also depends on the amount and type of abuse they get in the way of everyday weather, soiling, and abrasion? Would you appreciate such candor?

You better, because the raw and unvarnished fact is that outdoor and indoor surfaces get dirty and go through wear and tear according to the degree and frequency of their use and exposure to the elements. If you want to keep your surfaces looking great, ongoing maintenance is necessary. A company that will tell you what you are truly up against deserves your trust.

Getting Down to the Science of It All

Are you aware that even hard surfaces like glass have pores, microscopic though they may be, that trap organic and inorganic particles? This is why glass coatings are made to be as water-, soil-, and stain-repellent as possible. They aim to reduce the penetration, adhesion, and subsequent buildup of everyday dirt and grime to keep surfaces cleaner longer.

To produce a truly superior product, a good manufacturer persistently studies the realities of everyday weather and soiling as well as the impact of hard water minerals, rust, lime scale, and abrasion on surfaces. It then uses its findings to create products and technologies that provide effective surface care. For this reason, its coatings are designed and proven to be resistant to removal by any type of cleanser that would normally damage the untreated version of the same surface. It must still be realistic, however, and accept that its coatings, no matter how high-performance, are still subject to erosion by mechanical abrasion and are thus diminished, albeit more gradually.

Not Permanent but Renewable

So, how long do glass coatings last? No matter how durable, they’re not forever, and so first rate coatings are formulated to be easily renewable. Without needing pre-treatment, pre-cleaning, or removal of prior coating residues, nano-scale coatings can fill in the voids created by wear, tear, and exposure. Also, when over-coated with grime, it can easily be washed without getting diminished in the process.

Published On: February 8th, 2016

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