How To Make Cleaning Easy!

If you’re someone who despises cleaning and would rather bribe a team of girl scouts to do it for you, then you probably are cleaning with the wrong products, because cleaning shouldn’t be so unbearable.

Ever wonder why cleaning products stay piled up under your sink? Sure they may have worked once, but they just didn’t do the job – which is why they remain under the sink, partially used and collecting dust. Cleaning products should help make cleaning easier and less of a pain! Here’s a tip: Cleaning easy all revolves around the products that you use. Use GOOD products that actually allow you to clean easier and save a lot of time. These Clean-X household products do just that! They protect surfaces against soil and stains, which allow you to clean easier, faster and less frequently.

Clean-X products are “miracle products.” Take Miracle Scrub for example – the name couldn’t be more accurate. Miracle Scrub is the ultimate stain remover! It’s effective and will remove grime that builds-up on your tubs, sinks and tile. You can use it all over the house and it’s especially great on glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal surfaces.

Invisible Shield is another great product – I refer to it as the little warrior that could. Invisible Shield protects glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces with a protective barrier that “shields” soil, grime and hard minerals from sticking to the surface. Its shielding performance on water spots is amazing on shower doors. Invisible Shield lasts up to 6 months on shower doors, and will sparkling clean and like new. We’ve had users of Invisible Shield say, “My mom thought I got brand new doors installed.”

Try out our new glass and surface cleaner, Repel , which has been praised as “the best glass cleaner in the world.” It cleans to an 100% streak-free shine and which is each cleaning, it applies a protective shield – at the same time! The protective shield keeps water spots, fingerprints, dirt and grime from sticking to the surface. Here’s a cleaning tip: Maintain your shower doors with Repel as needed and it will refresh that protection against tough water spots. Repel is perfect for all glass, tile, mirrors, windows and even your stone surfaces.


The Clean-X Products are backed by 100% Product Performance Guarantee that your surfaces will stay cleaner, longer and be easily maintained as you clean. Try these three great products to be used on your bathroom and kitchen. Send Us a Picture of your dirtiest shower door or enclosure, and you may be selected for a full supply of cleaning products for the next year. The best picture and most engaged Facebook follower wins!!

Published On: December 19th, 2014

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