Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Products (and Tips to Save Time and Labor)

Life gets busier by the moment, and when this happens, cleaning often takes a backseat. Fortunately, there are proven techniques that make cleaning faster and more efficient—from the use of the right bathroom cleaning products to the strategic scheduling and delegation of tasks. Consider the following and think about how you can implement them in your own household:

Develop a schedule. List the cleaning tasks you need to accomplish. You can categorize these tasks per day, per week, per month, annually, or whatever frequency applies.

Now, develop a schedule for all the items on the list. Make it specific—include even the time and number of minutes or hours involved for each task. Take note of your priorities as well.

You don’t have to stick to the schedule rigidly, but it can serve as a guide. Having a schedule allows you to build a habit and stick to it. Setting a timetable helps you avoid spending too much time on just one task.

Delegate. Even if you’re the person in charge for all things cleaning, you don’t have to do all the dirty work.

Ask every member of the household to commit to a chore schedule. If you’re living with your family, this technique offers you a bonus: It’s a way to teach your children (and spouse) the value of work and responsibility. If you live with housemates, the bonus is the fair and equal distribution of tasks in the house.

If you live alone, you might also want to look into investing in professional cleaning services, such as for spring deep cleaning or after-party cleanup.

Be armed. Make sure you have all the right supplies way before cleaning time. A good tip is to buy an easy-carry or rolling caddy that can house all your essential supplies and tools for cleaning, such as your     solutions, sprays, brushes and gloves. You may want to have a separate caddy for kitchen cleaning products and supplies and another one for bathroom use.

Remember: Be discriminating about your choice of cleaners. A weak cleanser, for instance, can leave you scrubbing for hours without noticeable results. You want advanced solutions that are specifically formulated for the bath or the kitchen. The Unelko Miracle Scrub® Cleanser, in particular, gets rid of calcium and mineral deposits, soap scum and rust that are usually prevalent in the bathroom. It also eliminates water, food and grease stains and splatters you often get on kitchen surfaces. The Miracle Scrub® Cleanser is a powerful against dirt but is gentle on humans and the environment.

Aside from reducing time and energy wasted from running around looking for your supplies in the middle of a chore, a dedicated cleaning caddy also helps you be immediately aware if you already need to replenish or replace anything.

Invest in smart, proactive solutions. The right cleaning product will make a significant difference in your cleaning workload. But here’s the smarter and more innovative technique: Invest in a solution that already eliminates the dirt, stains and greases even before you hunker down for cleaning time.

Your shower unit, bath tub, sink, counters and other bathroom and kitchen surfaces made of tile, ceramic, porcelain and glass are the hardest areas to clean in the house. They are also the most prone to dirt and stains. Scrubbing and polishing them can take hours, but not when you apply The Unelko INVISIBLE SHIELD® Surface Coating. Just spray on this product to hard-to-clean surfaces, and those dirt catchers will transform into non-stick and water-, soil- and stain-repellent areas, making cleaning a breeze for you.

Published On: January 4th, 2016

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