Repel Automotive Glass Cleaner & Detailer

Repel® Automotive:
New, 2-in-1 Automotive Cleaner & Detailer

From the Inventors of the Original Rain-X®

Streak-free Performance with Nanotech Repellent Barrier

Why Use Repel® Automotive Cleaner & Detailer?

Streak-free Performance
Provides Water, Soil & Stain-Resistant Barrier
Makes Cleaning
Fast & Easy
Protects Glass, Paint, Chrome, Wheels, Plastics & Wraps

What’s everyone saying about Repel® Automotive Cleaner & Detailer?

Amazed with Repel cleaner. Doesn’t leave any streaks!
Cathy B.

This glass cleaner was easy to use and gave a clear finish without smears.

Eleanor S.

Repel works great, leaves a nice glossy finish…very happy.

Robert B.

Great Product! Works like described. Streaks are nonexistent.

Scott B.

Repel glass cleaner is super. Cleans great with no streaks.

Jeff S.

Beautiful shine! Smooth finish!  Appearance is fabulous!!!

Tammy W.

I bought this for the glass and dash, I use it on everything now and it’s amazing. No greasy residue.

Carrol R.

A New Breed of Surface Protection/Coating Technology

Unelko’s Glass Science® branded products are recommended by glass manufacturers across the country to deep clean, protect & maintain all types of vehicular glass, plastics, fiberglass, & other surfaces to actively repel rain, sleet, snow & ice on contact.

Vehicular / Automotive Glass UnprotectedVehicular / Automotive Glass Protected



Clean interior & exterior glass, plastic, polycarbonate, vinyl, leather, chrome, mirrors, touchscreens & more.



Protects with a nano-scale, protective barrier that seals the surface against future soil, smudges & fingerprinting while maintaining a lustrous shine.



Easier maintenance since one product cleans and protects all surfaces.

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