Repel® with Invisible-Barrier Technology!

Don’t just clean, when you can clean & protect! You’ll never use an ordinary glass cleaner again.

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Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner + Repellent

Repel® Features & Benefits

  • Streak-free guaranteed
  • One product cleans & beautifies all surfaces leaving them cleaner, longer
  • First dual-action glass cleaner to clean & protect in one step to reduce buildup of hard water spots, oil, grime, smudges, fingerprints, soap scum & hard minerals
  • Repel® protected surfaces reduce the need to ever use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Multifunctional product cleans and protects glass, stainless steel, stone, cultured or lacquered marble & granite, porcelain, acrylic, chrome, vinyl and more
  • Perfect for windows, shower doors, mirrors, tables, sinks, tubs, tile, toilet, urinals, counters, appliances and more
  • The more you use Repel, the easier cleaning gets as invisible barrier replenishes with each cleaning

Why Use Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner?

Faster, Every Time!

Clean A Multitude of Surfaces

Saves Time & Labor

Clean & Protect in 1 Step! Repels Water, Soil & Stains

Green Cleaning

Eliminate the Need to Use Harsh Chemicals

For Everyone

Cleaning Contractors, Jan/San Professionals or Consumers Alike!

What’s everyone saying about Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner?

Done with Windex
I’m 79 years old. My grandmother, mother and I have always used Windex. Why? Because we didn’t have Repel. No more wiping and wiping the glass to get the streaks out! I love this product and so will my daughter and her children.
Nancy S.
The Best Ever!!!!!!
We have been using Repel since we installed our first shower door and the door still looks brand new!
Emma F.

It is Made in USA! The product is outstanding and works on almost everything from bathroom to front door handles and surfaces. Computers, framed pictures, windows (inside & out).

Sirr C.

Best window cleaner ever!
Best window cleaner ever! No streaks!

Vicky H.

Stellar stuff!
What this does for glass and mirrors is astonishing.

Shirley B.

Saves a lot of time cleaning
Have used Unelko products for years. Would not be without any of them. Great and do exactly what they claim they will do.

Carole S.

Most dependable product!
We use it on mirror, counters, shower door and the car windows. It makes the glass as clear as it’s ever been. It also makes the water bead right off, so it stays cleaner. Cuts down on my cleaning by more than half!

Marci M.

Time saver
Save up to 90% of your cleaning time! Clean easier, and less frequently than before. We love REPEL!

Aimee H.
Simultaneously Clean & Protect Glass and Most Other Surfaces
Cut Cleaning Time & Improve Overall Surface Appearance
Repel Example - Granite & Quartz

Granite & Quartz

Repel Example - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Repel Example - Glass


Repel Example - Glass




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Protect: Clean-X® advanced nano-shield protectants shield against water, soil & stains with a lasting protective barrier.



Maintain: Clean-X® offers products for easier maintenance that clean and renew the protection and brilliant appearance.

If you are a Contract Cleaning Service, Facility Manager or Sanitary Professional, Contact Unelko at 1.800.528.3149 to learn more about our nanotechnology window cleaning & coating system.
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