Take the Work Out of Cleaning with Clean-X Specialty Line of Surface Care products

The Clean-X® Story

It’s safe, easy & convenient with Clean-X

Unelko has been the leader in advanced surface care technology for over 40 years and has continued to pioneer surface protection. Unelko’s, Clean-X® patented surface care products enhance the performance and appearance of a broad range of surfaces within your household. By using these products, ordinary surfaces are transformed into high performance water, soil and stain repellent surfaces.

Clean-X® is famous for helping to take the guesswork out of cleaning. The products are designed to clean, shield and protect surfaces in one easy step in order to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and sanitary; free of dirt, grime, soap scum and mineral buildup.

Clean-X® products that feature “nano-shield” barrier coatings protect surfaces against water, soil and stains for easier next-time cleaning. Their nano-shield technology instantly seals the pores of the surface so that soil, grime and minerals will not stick.

We’ve Made “Easy Cleaning” a Simple Science: Clean – Protect – Maintain

By Cleaning, Protecting & Maintaining your surfaces with Clean-X products, you can prevent the need for harsh chemicals, save time cleaning and the cost of replacements…while improving the appearance of your home.

Shielding Surfaces Instantly

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